Truth and Secret in Haiti's Creole Proverbs

by Wally Turnbull

For those who love Haiti and students of language and culture.

hidden meanings

Featuring over 1200 entries in Creole and English, this is, to date, the most varied and accurate collection of the colorful proverbs that characterize Haiti and her people. Translating a Creole proverb into English requires a fluency of not only both languages, but also of culture, an idiom more difficult to learn than any offered in a grammar book.

Hardcover edition of over 250 pages containing more than 1200 entries including:

  • Original proverbs in Creole
  • Literal English translations
  • Interpretations and explanations in English
  • Photographic portraits

Each of the many photographs included with the text, like the proverbs it accompanies, provides an additional window into the soul of Haiti and her people.

The author, born and raised in the mountains of Haiti, learned to communicate with his neighbors on a level few attain, speaking their language of simple images and hidden meanings. For many years, it has been his dream to share these beloved sayings, their truth and secrets with his friends and the outside world. This book is the result of three decades of collection, translation, and interpretation.

Whenever possible, literal rather than common translations are provided that the reader may hear the language as well as the proverbs. We have additionally included explanations of the proverbs’ most common meanings. In many cases, the uses and interpretations of a proverb are as deep and varied as those who speak it.

Learn about Haiti's culture and enjoy practicing Creole at the same time!

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