Simple instruction of Haitian Creole for English speaking people

Ideal for students of the Creole language, newcomers, and visitors to Haiti.

Rating: 5stars- The title could not fit better!
Reviewer: A Reader
I’m an American now residing in Haiti. I moved here with my fiancée in August and have been trying to pick up Creole since then. About a month ago I purchased your complete set of Creole Made Easy and I am so thankful. I have purchased many other Creole to English books but none actually helped me put a sentence together. Your book is so simple the title could not fit it better. I am learning a lesson per day to let it sink in. Once again thank you and may God bless you.

Rating: 5stars- Great Book!
Reviewer: A Reader
This is the only Haitian Creole translation book that I have found which makes sense of this difficult language. I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn casual Creole in preparation for travel to Haiti or while there.

Rating: 5stars- Excellent book.
Reviewer: A Reader
I just want to tell you that your Creole Made Easy is excellent. It is the most concise language (yet fairly comprehensive) language study book I have ever come across. Not just for Creole but among other languages.
I travel with work to many places and have tried to pick up German, French, Italian, Chinese and Japanese with varying success. My recent mission trip to Haiti was a joy because of your book. I connected with the Haitian men I worked with in a deeper way than I anticipated and I credit your course.

Rating: 5stars- Small, compact and convenient.

Reviewer: A Reader
Great book. A lot is covered in the 16 lessons, nice exercises to practice. The dictionary at the back is quite extensive and covers most of the words that I've wanted to look up, including some basic medical terms that I found lacking in other small dictionaries.
If you get the pronunciation guide as well, you won't have spent much and you will be much further along in your quest to learn Creole. I rarely have to call for a translator now when dealing with my patients.

Rating:4stars- Well worth the price
Reviewer: A Reader
I found this a very useful book to get an idea what Creole is all about. It is short and simple and each chapter makes you more eager to go on to the next. A simple audio tape in addition to the textbook would be most welcome indeed.
(Editor: Good suggestion - audio CDs are now available!)

Rating: 5stars- Well worth the money!
Reviewer: A Reader
I have taken a face to face course in Haitian Kreyol and this book was an excellent supplement to it. Anyone could use this book and learn to speak Kreyol quickly. The glossary is in depth and includes all the most often used words and the lessons are easy to follow and do.
An excellent book!!

Rating: 5stars- A Must!
Reviewer: A Reader
If you are going to Haiti this book is an ABSOLUTE MUST.

Rating:5stars- A must for learning Creole
Reviewer: A Reader
I just purchased the new edition of Creole Made Easy by Wally Turnbull. I must congratulate him for a job well done. The extensive dictionary is super and certainly long overdue for speaking Creole as a second language. I was tutored in Creole with an old 1945 book, the only one available when my husband and I went to Haiti 15 years ago. It is my humble recommendation that all new non-Creole speaking missionaries MUST have this book to get started on their road to learning the language. Bravo!

Rating: 5stars- Excellent - I keep this book with me...
Reviewer: A Reader
Creole Made Easy gives the reader everyday words and sentences. I keep this book with me while at work either in the office or field in order to get a better understanding of what is happening around me. It gives you a base that you can start to "speak Creole" the same day you pick it up.
By learning these simple 16 steps and using them each day in some sort of conversation with the Haitian people, you can start to pick up on the meanings and uses that each word has. For example, most commonly used to refer to a person, place, or it, is li. This is spelled out and used in the first lesson.

Rating: 5stars- Best tutorial on Haitian Creole.
Reviewer: A Reader
This is the best available tutorial about Haitian Creole. It's a short book organized into easy to digest lessons that will teach you "survival Creole" and give you a basic understanding of Creole grammar and syntax. While this book isn't enough to make you fluent, it will certainly get you off to a good start. If you live in Haiti or are planning a trip, this book will prove quite valuable!


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