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Haiti: A Coloring Book for Grown Ups

By Richar

9781611532326 Cover

Coloring isn’t just for children. Explore Haiti through these intricate, hand drawn pen and ink drawings of typical scenes, landmarks, and favorite icons. Use your imagination to bring to life the market scenes with their vibrant fruits and vegetables, the sugarcane fields in their shades of green and brown, or the ocean with tropical fish, busy fishermen, and colorful dugout boats.

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Bonnwit Kabrit

Award Winning Children's Book - Written in the popular rhyming style.

In this delightful, rhyming bedtime story, children journey across Haiti, saying goodnight to scenes the nation's children would know from their daily lives.

From the calico cat to the pink flowers of the bouganvillea to the sweet goat nestled beneath the starry sky, children will embark on an exciting bedtime journey as one by one they say, bonnwit. Words of Haitian Creole are sprinkled throughout the text to expand children's vocabulary and introduce them to a new language. A helpful pronunciation guide at the back teaches readers how to say the words aloud.

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Janjak and Freda go to the Iron Market

In this first book of the bilingual Janjak and Freda series, cousins Janjak and Freda go with their godmother on an exciting adventure to Haiti's famous Iron Market. While there, they make many new friends, taste new fruits, and show the value of helping others when a runaway goat causes havoc in the market. The colorful text and beautiful illustrations will leave children dreaming up their own adventures.

This story is told in such a way that the characters, scenery, and plot will be meaningful to both English speaking children and Creole speaking children. Rather than a literal translation, the Creole text has been rewritten by Wally Turnbull to provide the most authentic experience for Creole speakers. Illustrations by Mark Jones.

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Town and Country Creole Cooking

Traditional and Modern Recipes of Haiti

Enjoy delicious Haitian food at home

Haiti is world famous for its delicious, spice-laden foods such as rice and beans, griyo and pen patat. Town and Country brings these delicacies into your home – no matter where you live. We have included an assortment of easy traditional and modern Haitian Creole and French-influenced recipes, as well as selections from famous Haitian restaurants.

Our straightforward directions and simple format make your cooking experience as easy as possible, while maintaining the authenticity of Haitian cuisine. Town and Country is loaded with extras, variations, and time saving suggestions that make it a cook-friendly recipe collection.

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