Traditional and Modern Recipes of Haiti

Enjoy delicious Haitian food at home

Haiti is world famous for its delicious, spice-laden foods such as rice and beans, griyo and pen patat. Town and Country brings these delicacies into your home – no matter where you live. We have included an assortment of easy traditional and modern Haitian Creole and French-influenced recipes, as well as selections from famous Haitian restaurants.

Our straightforward directions and simple format make your cooking experience as easy as possible, while maintaining the authenticity of Haitian cuisine. Town and Country is loaded with extras, variations, and time saving suggestions that make it a cook-friendly recipe collection.

We have provided tips on cooking with Haitian flavors and the uses of unique ingredients, along with charts that tell you the names of foods in French, Creole, and English. Be sure to watch for the added seasoning of Haitian proverbs sprinkled throughout the book – they show great wisdom and a delightful sense of humor.


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