Rice and Beans - Diri Kole

This is considered Haiti’s National Dish - with good reason.

1 c.   dried red kidney beans   3 cloves   minced garlic
1½ tsp.   salt   3 Tbs.   butter or oil
½ tsp.   black pepper   6-8 c.   water or chicken stock
12   whole cloves   2 c.   long-grain white rice
1 tsp.   fresh thyme   1   Habanero pepper (optional)

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Pumpkin Soup - Soup Joumou

Traditionally in Haiti, this always popular soup is the first food to be eaten on New Years Day - to bring good luck.

1 lb.   beef stew meat   1 lb.   joumou (pumpkin)
1 lb.   chicken   ¼ c.   celery stalk and leaves
½ lb.   cabbage   2   large carrots
1   onion   3   medium potatoes
3   whole cloves   4 c.   water or stock
3   medium sized turnips   1 Tbs.   lemon or lime juice
1   Habanero pepper   4 oz.   penne pasta noodles

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Pikliz Relish

Pikliz, the relish of Haiti, makes any savory food taste better.

8 oz.   shredded cabbage   2   Habanero peppers
1 oz.   shredded carrot   ¼ c.   fresh lime juice
1 oz.   shredded turnip   ¼ c.   white vinegar
1 oz.   thinly sliced shallots   2 tsp.   salt

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Rice With Black Mushrooms - Diri Djondjon

An unforgettable Haitian specialty - pairs well with chicken!

1 c.   dried Haitian djondjon mushrooms*   1 Tbs.   finely chopped scallions, including one inch of the green tops
¼ c.   finely chopped green pepper   ¼ c.   finely chopped fresh parsley
1 Tbs.   vegetable oil   3   cloves garlic minced
1 oz.   salt pork, cut into ¼ inch diced cubes   2 c.   long-grain white rice
3 c.   boiling water   ½ tsp.   fresh thyme
1 tsp.   salt   4   whole cloves

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