Traditionally in Haiti, this always popular soup is the first food to be eaten on New Years Day - to bring good luck.

1 lb.   beef stew meat   1 lb.   joumou (pumpkin)
1 lb.   chicken   ¼ c.   celery stalk and leaves
½ lb.   cabbage   2   large carrots
1   onion   3   medium potatoes
3   whole cloves   4 c.   water or stock
3   medium sized turnips   1 Tbs.   lemon or lime juice
1   Habanero pepper   4 oz.   penne pasta noodles

Use a large pot to boil the beef and the chicken with the lime juice and cloves for about 20 minutes in 4 cups of water or stock. Remove any froth that forms. Add all the vegetables. Continue boiling until meat is tender and vegetables are cooked (35 - 40 minutes.) Turn off the heat and let cool. Cube the meat and strain the vegetables through a fine sieve. Return cubed meat and liquid to kettle and bring to boil. Add the Habanero pepper whole, being careful not to break or puncture it. (It is added more for aroma than heat). Add the pasta and and bòy dumplings if desired (see index) and simmer until cooked.

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